No Where Now Here

No Where Now Here

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Jenn has loved art since she was a little girl. One of her first books was a learn to draw animals. Later in life she learned she had artists in her DNA. One of the famous Canadian group of 7, J.E.H. MacDonald.

In a round about way she connected with him in a spiritual sense and so began a friendship were they painted together, and connected with other past artists. This was the beginning of her spiritual journey and it ignited the joy of creating again.

Jenn has since explored many mediums. Oil and acrylic have been her favourite, but she is not an artist who will remain in a “box”.

Inspiration comes from the animals, namely horses, in her life. The universe or Spirit generally leads the way. While pieces may appear simply abstract, often there are messages or healing that is portrayed through the art.

Current Products and Services:
-oil or acrylic original paintings or custom commissions
-crystal jewelry, bracelets, wire wrapped gemstones, tumbles, and carvings
-bridle charms for horses
-show bows for riders